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San Angelo, TX


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Is there a Comic in the House?

Has the recent cold weather left you wanting to get out and have some fun? Angelo Civic Theatre is the place to be! Come enjoy the final straight show of this season, Is there a Comic in the House?

Written by Billy St. John, this play houses fifteen comedians in a boarding home, all with hopes of becoming the next big thing. The only “normal” resident is the granddaughter of the owner of the boarding house, Shotzie.

Things liven up when clumsy kidnappers crash their van and choose the boarding house as their hide out. The comedians do their best to appease the kidnappers and their hostage, a snotty socialite. Police surround the house, with news crews close behind. The desire for camera time and having an audience is too much for the comedians. Hilarity ensues as the police close in and the comedians finally get their close ups.

Directed by Dr. Leslie Mayrand, this is one of the larger casts of the season, with eight women and seven men. Each actor and crew member is a volunteer from the community and has been rehearsing every night for four weeks to prepare the show for an audience.

For ticket information, please call our box office at (325) 949-4400, visit our website at, or come by the theatre at 1936 Sherwood Way.

Come. Be part of the magic that is theatre at Angelo Civic Theatre!